Print's Not Dead. It's Just Smarter.

So many thoughts and discussions have gone into the idea of print being dead.  With the growing expansion of Social Media, Smart Devices, email, etc. many believe than the world of printing is dead, or at least on it’s way to the pearly white gates. So is print dead? It’s far from it! In fact, print has only begun to grow and expand alongside the rise of new technology.

Direct Mail continues to grow with a 45% share of total local retail advertising. According to a survey done by Pitney Bowes, 73% of businesses say that their marketing strategy consists of a COMBINATION of both print and digital technology.

Email blasts are a thing of the past – they are now being shut down since there are so many junk blasts being handed out. In fact, you’ll have to register to receive any email blasts from now on.  This means that the main source for receiving incredible offers, coupons, and promoting your business goes back to the PRINTED mailer.

Social Media has partnered with print in a variety of ways. When you see printed promotional material, it would be Imprudent not to have your social media icons on the piece, directing your target market to your online presence. Print media helps you draw the attention to your social media sites, and social media profiles are used to strengthen your print campaign. When adding customer testimonials, comments, and icons from your social media profiles to your printing campaigns, not only does it unite the two forces together, but it enables your promotions to be ‘that much more’ effective.

 Since companies have begun to strengthen and compete with their online presence, print has been used less, which is now making it more current and it stands out much more than it once did. Opening emails now a days is boring – where as opening  promotional material directly sent to you is exciting! The innovation and continued evolvement of the design of print is making it even more appealing. People love to open unique and eye-catching material.. whereas opening email after email each day is redundant and dull.

We have also evolved to printing on more than just ‘paper’ products! You can print on clothing, materials, glass, pens, mugs, vehicles… you name it!

Interactive printing has taken the advancement of print to the next level.  Although still new, RMI has adopted this innovative technology. Instead of staying in the past, RMI has chosen to evolve with the current times, and with the help of Apps and Smart Devices, we are able to make your print come to LIFE.

 So.. is print dead..? Never! Will print continue to evolve…? Forever.



Posted on June 25, 2014 .