How to Make the Most of Your Direct Mail Campaign: 3 Tips for Direct Mail & Planning

Direct Mail is a fabulous way to market a company. It’s a great form of advertising which allows you to direct your message straight to your target market. Direct Mail campaigns emphasize the focus on the customer, the data, and the accountability. 

Here are three easy tips on how to make the most of your direct mail campaign, ensuring success and more business for your company:

1. Pre and Post Mail Campaign Planning

The staff at RMI want your direct mailer to be a success.  Our mail goal is to really, truly, partner with your business to watch your company grow, expand, and succeed.  To make your mailer a success, we need to sit down with you and plan it out; down to every specific detail. Points such as, who your target market is, should you do more mailers and less pieces, or less mailers and more pieces, creation of your data list,  determining what goals you wish to achieve from this mailer… Discussion of these fundamental elements will enable your success rate of the mailer to increase.  Upon completion of your first mailer, you need to post-plan.. for example, how successful was your first mailer? What can we add or change? How many more mailings would be beneficial? Are we getting our main message across?

2. Designing Your Piece

The design of your piece is integral. People will not look at a boring, wordy piece.. rather their attention will be caught when they see an eye-catching unique piece, with main points or tempting phrases that rattle their curiosity, and of course, a ridiculously great offer(s).  The design of your piece is imperative to a successful direct mail campaign.  It’s better to spend more money designing your piece professionally, rather than wasting money on a piece that won't catch the attention of your target market. 

3. Create an Offer that Can’t be Refused

When doing a direct mailer, your offer is the most important part. After you’ve established who your targeting the piece to, you need to find a way to unite the two pieces of information into an unforgettable offer that will lure and seduce your prospect into accepting this incredible deal. The creation of the segments of your piece all point to your offer – when your target market sees the offer, make sure it looks like it’s too good to be true, and actually make it too good to be true. The worst thing about an amazing offer is the fine print that limits and confines you to unattainable terms and conditions.

Direct Mail Campaigns have great success rates – but they need to be done properly.  Taking the time, persistence, and dedication into growing your business through direct mail always pays off with the right planning, design and segment creation!

Posted on August 14, 2014 .